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Hookah culture in France


The history of the emergence of hookahs in France

Hookahs in France appeared relatively recently. Since about the 1990s, tourists began to bring strange devices from the East to the country. Further, with the development of industry, neighboring European countries began to make hookahs, and they became more popular in the country. But, despite the fact that France is one of the most smoking countries in the world, hookahs are not held in high esteem here. Even the existing institutions of power are closed, as there are a number of laws that must be respected.

However, with the influx of refugees in the country, the hookah industry received a new round of history. Many entrepreneurs began to open hookah bars. Initially, they were in demand only among residents of Eastern countries, but then the French themselves began to try hookah. However, France has no history of its own regarding hookahs.

Features of smoking a hookah in France

In our countries, you can easily go to an institution and order a hookah. If it is presented on the menu, the waiter will bring you the device after a short time. In France this is not possible. You can get around a hundred restaurants, but none of them will serve shisha. This is the peculiarity of smoking a hookah in France, and they are as follows:

- Hookah in France can be smoked only in special institutions. This is a hookah bars, which will serve the coveted device with fragrant smoke. But the laws are very demanding, and even in such institutions there is a separate zone for smoking hookah, which should not occupy more than a fifth of the room.

- If you say in France that you want to smoke a hookah, they will look at you, to put it mildly, strange. Especially if you ask the hotel or in the waiter’s restaurant to bring you a hookah, you will not only be refused, but problems may also arise.

- The French practically do not smoke hookah, and if they smoke, then in a big company. These are noisy gatherings with loud conversations.

- In France, it is customary to drink alcohol under a hookah, in contrast to the Eastern countries, where alcohol is categorically not approved for a hookah.

- Before a hookah it is customary to eat a hearty meal, you can also eat desserts right while smoking.

Perhaps these are the main features of hookah smoking in France. Despite the total ban on smoking, and the French dislike for this device, many have at least once tried a hookah. Others are in love with him and order regularly. Thanks to the Internet, any Frenchman can buy hookah, tobacco and use them at home. Most do.

Famous brands of hookahs and tobacco in France

A country where the hookah industry is not developed is not too famous for brands. Nevertheless, when Germany began to produce high-quality hookahs, Denmark joined them, creating expensive unique models, France also wanted to join this process. However, a number of laws and technological bases of it allowed to create something special. Therefore, entrepreneurs began to simply copy the design, and issue models of hookahs under their brand.

One such company is Euro Shisha. They copy the design of popular European brands, and make hookahs very budget. Nevertheless, they have several of their own developments.

There are also small craft workshops that carry out individual orders. In most cases, the owners are Arabs, and sell devices to familiar and little-known cafes and bars.

But the country does not produce tobaccos. It is impossible to buy tobacco for a hookah of French origin. Of course, certainly small companies make tobacco for hookah, but only in limited quantities and for domestic use. However, there are no problems with tobacco, in France you can buy Turkish, Egyptian, German and American tobacco for hookah without any problems.

Legislation regarding hookahs in France

Initially, authorities began to actively fight against cigarette smoking, as France was recognized as the most smoking country in the world. But with the development of the hookah industry, the country's authorities decided to completely destroy the development of the hookah culture, and created a number of laws. In particular, the main legislative features are as follows:

- It is forbidden to smoke hookah in a public institution, whether it be a cafe, restaurant or bar.

- Even specialized smoking establishments can use no more than a fifth of their area for the smoking area.

- If the area of the institution is less than 100 square meters. m, then you can’t make a hookah there.

- It is forbidden to smoke hookah in hotels.

 But it is worth noting that it is possible to smoke hookah in France on open areas of establishments. Therefore, institutions in the central cities suffered the most, but on the coast you can order a smoky hookah without any problems.

Where to smoke a hookah in France

If you still decide to go to France, and want to enjoy a hookah, then you should know a few places where this can be done. After all, in any restaurant to order a hookah, as we say, in Egypt or Turkey, simply does not work. We will not provide specific addresses, but only talk about places that you can visit to smoke hookah.

  1. Latin quarter. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants in which, to put it mildly, neglect the law of the ban on smoking. Therefore, in most of them you will make a hookah. Perhaps the assortment of tobaccos will be small, but for sure you can enjoy the smoke.
  2. Coast. Take a walk along the coast of France and see if there are any places where hookahs stand. Surely they will be, so you can smoke a hookah in France without any problems.
  3. Russian cafes. Many businessmen from Russia opened precisely hookah bars in France, as this service is very popular. If you find a Russian restaurant, ask about the hookah, with a high probability you will do it.
  4. Restaurants with an outdoor area. Each establishment will take the opportunity to give visitors the right to smoke. But for this there should be a fairly large outdoor area. Look, if people smoke on it, probably in this place you can serve a hookah.
  5. Bad advice is at the hotel. Of course, the recommendation is not the best, but if you really want to smoke a hookah, buy it and smoke right in the hotel room. Do not forget to turn on the hood and ventilate so that you are not scolded.

These are the main places where you can smoke a hookah in France. But in general, going to this country on a trip, you should not rely on a hookah program. If you are going to live in France and love hookah very much, take the device with you, as well as the supply of tobacco. Just be sure to check how much tobacco you can take with you.

Where to buy a hookah in France

Buying a hookah in France is very difficult. There are no specialized stores, but there are souvenir shops, and it is there that devices are sold. Unfortunately, their quality is poor. Basically, such hookahs are used as decorations, and therefore have far from the best properties.

But no one canceled the Internet and delivery. After all, you can buy a hookah in an online store and make delivery to an address in France. You can also get tobacco. This is the best solution. You can buy a hookah in our online store. Choose a model and make an order. And in France, enjoy the local cuisine, shopping and the beauty of cities.

Hookahs in Japan Hookahs in Japan

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Hookahs in the USA: hookah culture, traditions, features Hookahs in the USA: hookah culture, traditions, features

The USA gained popularity in the tobacco field. Brands produced famous cigarettes and cigars at the beginning of the last century. A hookah culture in the USA is also developed, and this device is popular in this country. But in America there is no such service as, say in Russia or the CIS, there are not so many tobaccos, and not in all establishments where smoking is allowed, you can order a hookah. What is the reason for this? How is the culture of hookah smoking developing in the USA and what traditions are there? We will provide answers to these questions in this article.

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It is impossible to imagine modern Egypt without a hookah. For the local population, this is not just a smoking device, it is a huge tradition with a rich history. In Egypt they say: "You may not have a home, but you must have a hookah." In this article we will analyze the features of smoking hookahs in Egypt, traditions, and also talk about famous institutions, tobacco and hookahs.

Hookahs and hookah culture in the world: Ukraine Hookahs and hookah culture in the world: Ukraine

Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe. Our cultures are very similar, but are they similar in the hookah culture? How do people feel about hookahs, are festivals held and are there any producers of their own? Let's dive into the world of the hookah industry in Ukraine and find out in more detail how hookah smoking develops in this country.
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