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Hookahs and hookah culture in the world: Ukraine


Not so long ago, they were skeptical of the hookah, many perceived it as a strange device that sheikhs and sultans use. Mostly information was obtained from books and series. Today, many people know what a hookah is, and even tried it. There are those who can safely be called a connoisseur of dense smoke and a professional. But not in all countries they treat hookahs, tobacco and this culture well. Let's find out how to treat thick smoke in Ukraine.

The history of the emergence of hookahs in Ukraine

Despite the fact that the mention of the first smoking devices that look like a modern hookah dates back to the years BC, they entered the culture of the Slavic countries quite recently and quite slowly. Even today there are people who do not know what the principle of the device is, why they use it. Some believe that it is intended for prohibited means, while others do not understand at all what sense it is to him.

For the first time in Ukraine, they learned about hookahs in the 90s of the last century. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, many countries opened up for citizens, including Turkey, Egypt, and India. There, the culture of hookah smoking is very developed, and many tourists tried sweet thick smoke. Some bought the device home, but more often used it as a souvenir.

The problem was that it was simply impossible to get components, tobacco, coal. Therefore, more often such devices simply stood on a shelf. And there were no cooking skills. In the future, hookahs gained popularity in Europe, Russia and other countries, including the industry began to develop in Ukraine. Already in the early 2000s there was an opportunity to buy tobacco. It was only Al Fakher, and even that, presented by a meager line of several tastes. But the hookah has become more accessible.

The dawn of hookah culture in Ukraine fell on 2007-2010. Institutions began to open, clubs began to offer hookah. You could even purchase a device for use at home. Other brands of tobacco appeared; tastes became expanded. From that moment on, a wave of popularity swept Ukraine. There are companies that produce their accessories, tobaccos and even models of hookahs.

Now Ukrainian brands are represented at international exhibitions, the country holds festivals and tournaments. Many world-wide modern hookah models enter Russia through Ukraine. Among the Slavic countries, Ukraine can be called the capital of hookah smoking. The speed of development of tobacco brands, models of hookahs is impressive.

The culture of smoking hookahs in Ukraine

In each country there are certain differences in smoking hookah. For example, in the Arab countries it is not customary to serve food in parallel with a hookah. In addition, some countries do not even have age restrictions. Let's look at the features of smoking hookahs in Ukraine:

- Hookah is made to smoke in the company of friends. Alone, it’s also possible, but in most cases, friends spend time under this device, communicate, play board games.

- It is customary to put one hookah at the company, passing the receiver. In public places, individual disposable mouthpieces are used, but at home often hookah is smoked even without one-time nozzles.

- The handset is handed over and not placed on the table. She does not break, as they do in the East, but simply surrenders like a baton.

- Many people prefer not strong tobacco, such as Serbetli, Adalya. But there are lovers of strong smoke, but they are going to a separate company, since most do not like to smoke strong tobacco.

- The main task of a hookah in Ukraine is to create an atmosphere of relaxation, trust. Therefore, they often play games under thick smoke, sing songs on the guitar, and communicate.

- In most cases, flavors 2: sour and sweet. This is what hookah workers in institutions hear, only people who have tried a large number of aromas can choose for themselves something special.

- In many countries, it is not customary to drink alcohol under a hookah. In Ukraine, this is loyal, and often near the device is a glass of wine, beer, or a glass with stronger drinks.

- Mostly use hookah on the water, sometimes add milk, juice. In any institution you will be offered to make a hookah on alcohol, but many refuse it. This is due to the increased price, as well as the aftertaste, which many do not like.

- But eating under a hookah is not accepted. You can put fruits, sweets, or eat before smoking. But then again, this is not a rule, but only an observation.

- One drive smokes for a long time. Even if the tobacco is designed for 40-50 minutes, it can be smoked for more than an hour. There is no taste for a long time, but there is still smoke, if you change the coals. This is especially evident in institutions. At home, the owner of the device, who is also a hookah maker, can simply restart the tobacco on a new one.

- In Ukraine, a large number of festivals and exhibitions are held, where models from around the world are presented. The industry is actively developing, and there are own brands. But most ordinary people know superficially about the culture of hookah, without going into history and details. The main thing is to enjoy the hookah.

There are also many individual features. For example, some people prefer to smoke in the puff, add spices to tobacco, or add strange ingredients to the flask. But in most cases, the culture of hookah smoking is not too different from the European one, although it is quite far from the Eastern one.


Despite the fact that hookahs are very popular in Ukraine, there are many establishments providing hookah smoking services, and it is forbidden by law to smoke in public places. There are a number of limitations:

- Smoking a hookah under 18 is prohibited.

- It is also impossible to sell such devices to minors, respectively, the buyer must be over 18 years old. This also applies to tobaccos.

- In public places, it is forbidden to smoke hookah on the street. A fine is imposed, although it is small, but problems will arise.

- There must be a license for the sale of tobacco, as well as for the provision of hookah smoking services. Tobacco must have an excise stamp.

These are the main aspects of legislation in Ukraine that limit hookah smoking. At home, you can use the device, unless you are in a public institution (dormitory, barracks, etc.). But if this is not private property, then problems may arise. Institutions should have a good extract and a separate smoking area. Naturally, all documents must be in order.

How to open a hookah in Ukraine

Due to the growing popularity of hookahs, more and more people open hookah establishments, providing an opportunity for visitors to enjoy aromatic thick smoke. In Ukraine, opening a hookah is not difficult, but a careful approach to details is required. If there is no certificate or document, a fine is issued or the institution is closed. To open the hookah, you need to pay attention to such details:

  1. You should choose the type of institution. It can be a separate hookah room or a hall in a restaurant. Next, you need to take care of investment calculations and other organizational details.
  2. Equipment facilities in accordance with state requirements. First of all - a powerful exhaust hood, fire fighting measures.
  3. Collection of documents. Documents for entrepreneurial activity should be drawn up, it can be FLP or LLC. It is worth noting that a license to trade in tobacco products is issued only to entrepreneurs who have a common taxation system. A simplified system will not work.
  4. It is also worth getting a tobacco license. A number of documents should be collected and the state fee paid. A license costs only 2,000 UAH per year (approximately $ 75).
  5. It is definitely worth buying licensed tobacco. Otherwise, there will be a large fine or even the closure of the institution.

Open a hookah in Ukraine is quite simple. Big investments are not required, so they have become so popular. However, it is worth considering a concept and a unique idea in order to surprise visitors and provide the best conditions.

Well-known hookah producers in Ukraine

Thanks to the development of hookah culture, companies that create devices are actively developing in Ukraine. Some models have become popular all over the world and are presented at various festivals and exhibitions. There are many masters who make designer hookahs. But we will highlight the main popular brands.

InSmoke. A young company that creates stylish designer hookahs. Use stainless steel, heat-resistant glass. A feature of the models is the connection of parts using thin sections, without the use of seals. The cost of production is relatively inexpensive, from $ 52 to $ 122.

Embery. The company was founded in 2011, in a short time the process of creating models of hookahs and accessories was established. Particular attention is paid to detail and functionality. The company has repeatedly presented its devices at world exhibitions, and is very popular in Ukraine, Russia and Europe. The cost of the devices is quite large, from $ 93 to $ 500.

Hi-Tech Club. A company that creates exclusive models. Want to get a quality unique hookah? Then you should order it from these guys. All devices are made of high-quality components, the creators claim that only 7 g of tobacco is enough for 1, 5 hours of smoking, and that it will never burn. At international exhibitions, professionals highly value these devices, but their price is corresponding. The cheapest hookah on the official website costs $ 300, and the most expensive - $ 960.

There are many other companies, but they are inferior in popularity to the above. Also, international brands are clearly represented in Ukraine, among them:

- Amy

- Starbuzz

- Khalil Mamoon

- Kaya shisha

Devices from these manufacturers are widely represented both in online stores and in trading floors.

Famous Ukrainian tobacco brands for hookah

In addition to devices, tobacco is produced in Ukraine, which has gained great popularity outside the country. The main companies are as follows:

Dead Horse It is created from tobacco leaves that grow on the territory of Ukraine. The fortress is strong enough, heat-resistant tobacco, contains a large amount of syrup. Therefore, it is better to hammer it on the Fanel bowl. The range of flavors is widely represented, there are both classic aromas, such as watermelon, grapes, and unusual ones (ice cream, strawberry jam). Of the features, it is worth noting a plastic jar in which it is convenient to store tobacco. Thanks to the cultivation of its own tobacco leaves, the cost of the product is not high.

Panorama Tobacco. To create a used tobacco leaf varieties Virginia Gold. It is heat resistant and perfectly reveals aroma. Tobacco is immediately ready for use, just stuff it into a regular classic bowl. It is lightweight, but the stronger Panorama Medium line is also available. The flavor line has more than 30 flavors.

Fusion To create tobacco, flavorings from Germany are used, which are used by Serbetli, Adalya and other famous manufacturers. Burley sheet is used, characterized by high strength. The same sheet uses Darkside. In severity, tobacco resembles Nakhla. The taste reveals brightly, lasts a long time.

Duman. The manufacturer appeared relatively recently, but immediately managed to gain attention at international exhibitions and presentations. Tobacco leaf retains maximum properties, including strength. The taste reveals strongly, lasts a long time. This effect is obtained by cooking tobacco, not soaking. Leaves are not washed; Burley grade and German flavorings are used. A pleasant aftertaste remains. Tobacco fits a variety of bowls; the range of flavors is widely represented.

In addition to Ukrainian brands, other tobacco brands are represented on the market. To list them all does not make sense, since there are more than 20. In principle, in this country you can buy any tobacco for hookah, even rare collection tastes.

Hookah festivals and other events in Ukraine

A large number of festivals and other events dedicated to the culture of hookah smoking are held annually. The industry is developing rapidly, so the events attract investors and new customers, suppliers and representatives of well-known brands. Often events are held in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov. Here are the most popular events dedicated to the hookah industry:

- Festival "All-Ukrainian Cloud". The largest festival in the country, more than 500 artists from around the world come. Draws, contests, free tasting are held. Brands present their new products; hookah workers compete in skill levels. Celebrities are invited, recreation areas, food courts are being made.

- Hookah Battle Urban Cup. Held annually, the main objective of the festival is to present the brand to the world. Even newcomers and unknown companies take part and declare themselves. Qualified hookah workers come from Russia and Europe, the USA. Competitions are held in which the jury assesses taste, smokiness, uniqueness of presentation and other factors. Any person who has reached the age of 18 can take part.

- Spring Hookah Fest Odessa. A large-scale festival that takes place on the Black Sea coast in Odessa every spring. Master classes, exhibitions, competitions are held. Representatives of brands establish stands with products and conduct presentations. At the exhibition you can buy a new hookah or tobacco, which has just appeared. Participants come from France, Russia, the Czech Republic, Jordan and other countries.

In Ukraine, quite often various tournaments and competitions of hookah masters are held. Brands are happy to support events as sponsors. Every year more festivals.

The appearance of new products

New items from all over the world quickly come to Ukraine. This applies to both hookahs and accessories, and tobacco products. The proximity to Europe and the holding of a large number of festivals allow you to get new items in the shortest possible time. The laws of the state do not limit the goods subject to the regulations.

From China and the East, you can also quickly get new models. This is due to the presence of an international port in Odessa, which accepts large cargoes and further delivers them to Europe. Therefore, new items after a short time, are in Ukrainian stores. Often, goods enter Russia precisely through Ukraine.

How much does it cost to buy a hookah in Ukraine

The cost of models of hookahs, components and devices, as well as tobaccos, is quite low. For designer models you will have to pay $ 300-1000, but ordinary brands are represented quite widely. Due to the great competition, the absence of a ban on trade in such goods, manufacturers are forced to reduce the cost of their goods in order to compete. Therefore, tobacco can be bought quite cheaply.

There is another problem. The port in Odessa offers great opportunities for the hookah industry, but it also opens them up for smuggling. Therefore, even online stores can often buy tobacco without excise tax. Its cost is much lower, but no one guarantees good quality. For example, Serbetli tobacco is one of the most popular in Ukraine, you can buy for only $ 1.5, while its market value is 2 times more.

With hookahs the same story. You can buy a model for $ 15-20, brought from China. But normal hookahs are somewhat more expensive. The average price of a good quality hookah is $ 80.

Where to buy hookah in Ukraine

You can buy a hookah in Ukraine without problems. It’s worth going into any shopping center and there will be a store there. There are not so many separate stores, but without difficulty, you can buy a hookah or tobacco for hookah in the online store. A large number are represented, delivery in Ukraine is fast. Only 2-5 days, and the goods will be at your place.

Most often, they choose the latter option. The user can study the hookah model in detail, read reviews, see reviews. After that makes an order. But mail services involve checking the goods on the spot, so there is no need to worry that the goods will come damaged. Any user can check it directly in the mail, and if it does not fit, refuse the purchase. In ordinary stores, hookahs are increasingly sold as souvenirs.

Hookahs in Ukraine: total

Hookah culture in Ukraine is widely developed. There are own brands that make hookahs, accessories, tobaccos. Large festivals, exhibitions and other events are regularly held. A large number of online stores offer an assortment of goods to each user. Walking even in a small town, you can find a shop selling hookahs and tobaccos.

To open an institution is quite simple, a tobacco license is cheap, and the demand for such establishments is large. There are also shortcomings in the face of smuggling tobacco and other related products. But in general, the hookah culture in Ukraine is developed, and there are more and more connoisseurs of dense smoke.

Hookahs in Japan Hookahs in Japan

In Japan, hookahs are practically not developed. If you decide to go to this country to enjoy unusual tobacco, you are clearly mistaken. Nevertheless, the Japanese culture of hookah smoking is still present here. Therefore, let's look at how things are in Japan with hookahs, and where you can go to smoke a hookah.

Hookahs in Georgia: where to go, where to buy, hookah smoking traditions Hookahs in Georgia: where to go, where to buy, hookah smoking traditions

Georgia ranks second in Europe in the number of smokers and 12 in the world. Mostly cigarettes are preferred here, but with the advent of the hookah culture in Europe and in the world as a whole, Georgia did not stand aside. In this country, they also prefer to smoke hookah. Let's find out more about hookah smoking traditions, features, legislation and places where you can smoke hookah in Georgia.

Hookahs in Israel: the culture of smoking, especially where to smoke a hookah in Israel Hookahs in Israel: the culture of smoking, especially where to smoke a hookah in Israel

Israel is a tourist country that tries to surprise and fascinate. Therefore, in addition to the mass of attractions, entertainment facilities, a large number of restaurants and bars are developed here. Of course, in Israel they serve hookah for tourists. But how do locals relate to the hookah culture, do they smoke hookah? Let's find out all about hookahs in Israel.

Hookahs in India: how to smoke, what laws and features of culture Hookahs in India: how to smoke, what laws and features of culture

It is believed that the birthplace of hookahs is India. It is from here, according to legend, that the first artisans distributed this marvelous item. But how are things today with the hookah culture in the country where they invented the hookah? What smoking traditions exist, and how do authorities relate to hookah smoking? This article will be about this.

Hookahs in the USA: hookah culture, traditions, features Hookahs in the USA: hookah culture, traditions, features

The USA gained popularity in the tobacco field. Brands produced famous cigarettes and cigars at the beginning of the last century. A hookah culture in the USA is also developed, and this device is popular in this country. But in America there is no such service as, say in Russia or the CIS, there are not so many tobaccos, and not in all establishments where smoking is allowed, you can order a hookah. What is the reason for this? How is the culture of hookah smoking developing in the USA and what traditions are there? We will provide answers to these questions in this article.

Hookah culture in France Hookah culture in France

Smoking a hookah in France is practically undeveloped. In this country, they do not like hookah too much, although there are establishments where you will be served aromatic rich hookah, while the choice of tobaccos will be enormous. For comparison, Egypt or Turkey have been smoking hookah since childhood, but when you arrive there you will not see such a variety of tobaccos and models of hookahs as in France. Let's learn in more detail about the culture of hookah smoking in France and about the features of the French in relation to the hookah.

Hookah smoking in Turkey: history, traditions, legislation and features Hookah smoking in Turkey: history, traditions, legislation and features

Turkey can be considered the birthplace of hookah. It is not known exactly where the first hookahs appeared, but the fact that they became very popular in Turkey cannot be denied. In addition, experienced craftsmen were able to improve the model of hookahs. Some of them are still used in all countries of the world. What is the situation with smoking hookah in Turkey? What traditions have been preserved, and what features of hookah smoking in Turkey are there today? This will be our article.

Hookahs in Egypt: features of the smoking culture, legislation, manufacturers and institutions Hookahs in Egypt: features of the smoking culture, legislation, manufacturers and institutions

It is impossible to imagine modern Egypt without a hookah. For the local population, this is not just a smoking device, it is a huge tradition with a rich history. In Egypt they say: "You may not have a home, but you must have a hookah." In this article we will analyze the features of smoking hookahs in Egypt, traditions, and also talk about famous institutions, tobacco and hookahs.
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