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Hookahs in Israel: the culture of smoking, especially where to smoke a hookah in Israel


The history of the emergence of hookahs in Israel

If hookahs appeared in Europe in the 19th century, then in Israel they became popular almost immediately after the emergence of hookah culture. Nearby is Turkey, Egypt, Arab countries, so, of course, hookah culture touched Israel. Locals respect the traditions of hookah smoking, respect the features and worship rituals. Therefore, the Israelis love hookah, and not just smoke it, but with a special delicacy, observing certain rituals.

In this area, the hookah is called Nargile. Israel does not produce hookahs, but here it is not uncommon to find both classic models from Egypt and Syria, as well as modern devices brought from Europe. Historically, this is the birthplace of travelers and merchants, so artisans constantly brought along new devices and tobaccos. So the Israelis did not need their own hookah masters.

Features of the culture of hookah smoking in Israel

Israel is a country uniting a large number of cultures. Here, eastern and western styles are combined, this is manifested in architecture, clothing, and traditions. Here religions unite, traders, scientists and artists can live on the same street. Therefore, the culture of hookah smoking in Israel is rich and diverse. Here are the main features of smoking hookah in Israel:

- In this country, hookah is respected, therefore it is served in almost any institution where there is a permit for such activities. You can smoke hookah in restaurants, bars, cafes, concert venues and in specialized institutions.

- In the East, it is customary to smoke a hookah in solitude. However, in Israel they will not look at you askance if you take one hookah per company, at least in most establishments. This is due to the large influx of European tourists who are used to smoking hookah in the company.

- Warn the bartender or hookahman that you will smoke in the company so that you receive one-time mouthpieces. Otherwise, they will bring you one hookah and one mouthpiece, as it is traditionally customary to smoke a hookah individually.

- Israelis categorically do not perceive alcohol with a hookah, but at the same time do not resist, if tourists do so. But meeting a local, smoking hookah with alcohol is a huge rarity.

- Residents prefer to communicate under a hookah, play backgammon or other games, read or just sit thoughtfully, lost in thought. If you see such people, do not distract them for nothing.

- In Israel, both classic hookahs and modern ones are served. For tourists, they try to serve the classic one, and not because they don’t want them to smoke modern hookah. Just like that, locals show color and culture. If you want a modern device, inform about it when ordering. However, some establishments hold only authentic models.

- Smoking has become part of the culture of Israel, so do not be surprised if you see a child smoking a hookah, or an old man in old age. In addition, this device is even installed in cafes, cinemas, and of course, in nightclubs.

- Hookah driving for local residents is considered a whole ritual, so serving can be very different. Some establishments arrange a whole concert program before serving a hookah. Often, a hookah is made from fruits, fruit bowls are placed, and a model is decorated.

- It is not recommended to ask which tobacco is slaughtered in a cup. The truth is unlikely to be answered. The fact is that Israel produces a large amount of tobacco, but it does not enter the international market. It is made specifically for local use. Therefore, it is enough to order a taste, and you can ask to make the hookah easier or heavier.

- Locals prefer to smoke hookah for snacks. As a rule, sweets and fruits are used, so do not be surprised if you see several hookahs and a plate of plates with fruits and oriental sweets on the table.

- Specialized institutions stylistically adorn, while maintaining authenticity. Therefore, in such a hookah there are always a lot of frescoes, painted objects, paintings and carpets. You seem to be in the medieval East, in which time seemed to freeze.

These are the main features of the hookah culture in Israel. It is worth knowing that in this country the hookah is very respected, so you can easily enjoy the aromatic thick smoke. The skill of hookah workers is different, depending on the type of establishment. If you want to try European hookah, go to restaurants and night clubs. If you prefer authentic clogging, try a hookah in small cafes or cozy establishments.

Are there unique brands of hookahs in Israel

Despite the fact that Israel is closely connected with the hookah culture, famous brands of hookahs are not produced here. No such model is presented on the international market. However, this does not say that Israeli hookahs do not exist.

Firstly, it is a country that absorbs various cultures. Therefore, in the markets you can easily find huge shops with hookahs. Here are presented both Egyptian or Syrian models, as well as modern hookahs from the USA and Germany. Mostly, of course, Oriental classical models prevail.

Secondly, in Israel they still produce their own hookahs. They are made by masters in their workshops; these are unique manual works, which are usually made to order. Also, their work can be found in the markets. It is worth noting that the value of such a hookah is great, since a piece of soul is embedded in it. But in most cases, smoking from such a device is difficult or impossible at all. They are more suitable for souvenirs.

There are also larger workshops that produce Israeli hookahs. This is a quality product that is suitable not only as a souvenir, but also for full smoking. Such hookahs are relatively inexpensive, you can buy them in stores, in the market.

It is worth noting the design. As a rule, he repeats well-known brands, or classic models. For example, the company eNargy produces hookahs that look like German modern models. But at the same time, they slightly modify the flask, or they make a hookah immediately on 2 hoses. By the way, this is another distinguishing feature of Israeli hookahs - a lot of models for 2 pipes.

Does Israel produce tobacco for hookah

The situation with tobacco is the same as with hookahs. In Israel, they are produced in large quantities, but not a single brand has become popular worldwide. Therefore, coming to Israel, you will probably be surprised at the assortment, it will be large, but you will not know a single brand.

Among the many brands in Israel, several are popular:

- Maro. Tobacco, which is sold in cans. It is exported only to the United States and surrounding countries, and is so popular only in Israel. The fortress is average, there are not too many flavors, among them there are watermelon, banana, cherry, orange, blueberries, chocolate, mint, grapes and melon. Tobacco is not bad at all, in most establishments they offer it.

- This is tobacco from the company of the same name, which produces frozen fruits, semi-finished products, jams and many other goods. Among other things, they produce tobacco for cigars, cigarettes and hookah. It is quite strong, there is no taste at all or with flavorings.

Israel also produces a large number of other tobaccos, but most brands do not even have a name. But at the same time, here in the institutions you can offer Egyptian, Turkish or European tobacco. Therefore, do not be surprised if the club offers you Adalya, Tangiers or the like. There are no difficulties in choosing tobacco for smoking in Israel.

Israel Hookah Laws

In this country, they try to fight the harmful habit of smoking, and basically, bans concern cigarettes. But the hookah was also not spared, especially when they looked at the statistics. She says that 40% of schoolchildren smoke hookah at least once a week. Therefore, in 2008, the Knesset approved a law prohibiting the sale of hookahs to adolescents. In case of violation of this law, a fine of 12,900 shekels will be issued to the institution.

This law was created due to research by scientists who claim that hookah is much more harmful than cigarettes. Is it so? It has not yet been proven, but based on certain data, such a law was adopted.

Also, smoking is prohibited in playgrounds, in halls with more than 50 people, in the territory of state institutions. Many establishments obliged to equip a smoking area so that those who do not want to breathe smoke could not be near.

In general, Israeli law is very loyal to hookah, unlike cigarettes. Therefore, laws are not strict so far, but restrictions are gradually being introduced. The most important ban is the sale of hookahs to adolescents.

Where to smoke a hookah in Israel

To smoke a hookah in Israel, you don’t have to work hard and look for such an institution. It is enough to go out on a busy street, and after 10-15 minutes you will be prepared with a hookah. Almost on every corner there are bars where they offer to enjoy thick smoke. We give only a small part of the places where you can smoke hookah in Israel:

- Hookah Place, Tel Aviv, Israel. This is one of the best places in the whole country where you will be offered high-quality hookah. There is a huge selection of tobaccos, stylish hookah models, experienced hookah workers. There is a large entertainment program for visitors, there is Internet, consoles, board games. In general, this is a specialized institution where you can smoke a delicious hookah.

- Basha, Tel Aviv. This is a specialized hookah, in which a large assortment of tastes, you can make a hookah from fruit, or just on a fruit bowl. There is beer, snacks, tea. This is an authentic place to have fun.

- Petra in old Jaffa. This is an Arabian-style holiday. Authentic establishment, which will offer you a delicious classic hookah. If you want to feel the spirit of the East, go here and enjoy the incredible variety of tobaccos.

- SMOOKING, Eilat. This is also a specialized hookah bar, which also combines a store. Here you can not only smoke a hookah, but also buy a device home. Also here you will pick up tobacco, coal and other accessories.

- Habibi Bar, Jerusalem. Located in the city center, it has an authentic atmosphere. The institution plays light oriental music, bedding with straw mats, pillows in the Indian style, stone walls. Here you will be offered a large selection of tobaccos, and you can also enjoy unusual desserts and snacks.

- Zolli Pub, Jerusalem. Here you can order a cocktail or beer, and the hookah will already be included in the order. The atmosphere is lively, cheerful, upbeat. Here both young people and the older generation rest. All friendly and welcoming, you should go to this pub to get to know the locals.

- Tuvia Bar, Jerusalem. This is a place where you will always be welcome, there are helpful staff, an atmosphere of goodness and comfort reigns. Here you can both eat and enjoy the dense fragrant smoke.

This is only a drop in the bucket, in Israel you will meet institutions with hookahs at every step. The average cost of smoking a hookah in Israel is 20-80 shekels, depending on the type of establishment and the selected tobacco. In any case, if you like hookah, then you will be welcome.

Where to buy a hookah in Israel

Buying a hookah in Israel is also not difficult. Go to any market, and for sure you will find a shop with hookahs. You can visit Dizengoff Center in Tel Aviv, Olam nargilot ve hatabak in Eilat, Hagit miktorot in Tel Aviv, Beit ha-tabak ve-ha-yain in Rishon Lezion. Almost every tourist street has a small shop where you can easily pick up a hookah.

The cost of hookahs in Israel is 100-300 shekels on average, this is approximately 1900-5700 rubles. At such prices it is much easier to buy a hookah in Russia, and without leaving your home. You can order a hookah in our online store "Hookah Bazaar". Choose a model, add to the basket and place an order. And Israel just visit to enjoy the architecture, style and get a new experience.

Hookahs in Japan Hookahs in Japan

In Japan, hookahs are practically not developed. If you decide to go to this country to enjoy unusual tobacco, you are clearly mistaken. Nevertheless, the Japanese culture of hookah smoking is still present here. Therefore, let's look at how things are in Japan with hookahs, and where you can go to smoke a hookah.

Hookahs in Georgia: where to go, where to buy, hookah smoking traditions Hookahs in Georgia: where to go, where to buy, hookah smoking traditions

Georgia ranks second in Europe in the number of smokers and 12 in the world. Mostly cigarettes are preferred here, but with the advent of the hookah culture in Europe and in the world as a whole, Georgia did not stand aside. In this country, they also prefer to smoke hookah. Let's find out more about hookah smoking traditions, features, legislation and places where you can smoke hookah in Georgia.

Hookahs in India: how to smoke, what laws and features of culture Hookahs in India: how to smoke, what laws and features of culture

It is believed that the birthplace of hookahs is India. It is from here, according to legend, that the first artisans distributed this marvelous item. But how are things today with the hookah culture in the country where they invented the hookah? What smoking traditions exist, and how do authorities relate to hookah smoking? This article will be about this.

Hookahs in the USA: hookah culture, traditions, features Hookahs in the USA: hookah culture, traditions, features

The USA gained popularity in the tobacco field. Brands produced famous cigarettes and cigars at the beginning of the last century. A hookah culture in the USA is also developed, and this device is popular in this country. But in America there is no such service as, say in Russia or the CIS, there are not so many tobaccos, and not in all establishments where smoking is allowed, you can order a hookah. What is the reason for this? How is the culture of hookah smoking developing in the USA and what traditions are there? We will provide answers to these questions in this article.

Hookah culture in France Hookah culture in France

Smoking a hookah in France is practically undeveloped. In this country, they do not like hookah too much, although there are establishments where you will be served aromatic rich hookah, while the choice of tobaccos will be enormous. For comparison, Egypt or Turkey have been smoking hookah since childhood, but when you arrive there you will not see such a variety of tobaccos and models of hookahs as in France. Let's learn in more detail about the culture of hookah smoking in France and about the features of the French in relation to the hookah.

Hookah smoking in Turkey: history, traditions, legislation and features Hookah smoking in Turkey: history, traditions, legislation and features

Turkey can be considered the birthplace of hookah. It is not known exactly where the first hookahs appeared, but the fact that they became very popular in Turkey cannot be denied. In addition, experienced craftsmen were able to improve the model of hookahs. Some of them are still used in all countries of the world. What is the situation with smoking hookah in Turkey? What traditions have been preserved, and what features of hookah smoking in Turkey are there today? This will be our article.

Hookahs in Egypt: features of the smoking culture, legislation, manufacturers and institutions Hookahs in Egypt: features of the smoking culture, legislation, manufacturers and institutions

It is impossible to imagine modern Egypt without a hookah. For the local population, this is not just a smoking device, it is a huge tradition with a rich history. In Egypt they say: "You may not have a home, but you must have a hookah." In this article we will analyze the features of smoking hookahs in Egypt, traditions, and also talk about famous institutions, tobacco and hookahs.

Hookahs and hookah culture in the world: Ukraine Hookahs and hookah culture in the world: Ukraine

Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe. Our cultures are very similar, but are they similar in the hookah culture? How do people feel about hookahs, are festivals held and are there any producers of their own? Let's dive into the world of the hookah industry in Ukraine and find out in more detail how hookah smoking develops in this country.
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