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Hookahs in Japan


The history of the emergence of hookahs in Japan

The history of the emergence of hookahs in Japan is very simple: of course, they were brought here from Arab and Muslim countries. The Japanese never had anything to do with hookahs, even the local establishments where it is served are often owned by Arabs or Turks.

It is believed that the first hookah in Japan appeared after the World War, when the country was experiencing a great depression, and foreigners began to come here. Well-known cigarette brands also appeared, and Japan became quite smokers. But today, the Japanese do not like smoking people too much; you rarely can meet a person with a cigarette on the street.

Features of smoking hookahs in Japan

There are not many establishments serving hookah. This is often a separate service that is in demand among tourists. The cost, by the way, of such a hookah is quite high. You will have to pay about 1,000 rubles for the order. At the same time, the Japanese themselves also smoke hookah, although not often. Features of smoking hookah in Japan are as follows:

- Smoking is accepted in a large company, the Japanese treat the hookah as entertainment.

- Often you can find a similar service in karaoke bars.

- Tea is necessarily served to the hookah, often it is even immediately included in the price. It is believed that smoke is quite aggressive on the body, so you need to drink tea.

- Eating under a hookah is not accepted in Japan, since this action is considered entertainment where food will be inappropriate.

- Do not hope that you will be offered a large assortment of tobacco. But there is a big plus - the most common brands that everyone is used to are used.

- You can drink alcohol under a hookah, but the Japanese do not like to mix too much, because the effect is not the most pleasant.

These are the main features of hookah smoking in Japan. It is worth noting that you can smoke from the age of 20, but foreigners are almost never asked for a passport.

Famous brands of hookahs

Of course, hookahs aren’t produced in Japan, so finding unique models simply will not work. There is no demand for them. Since hookah workers or owners of establishments often belong to the East, then hookahs are appropriate here. Therefore, do not be surprised if the institution offers you an old Syrian or Egyptian hookah of far not the best quality.

But in modern hotels you can smoke European or American hookah. So if you are staying in a good hotel, ask if they have a service like hookah. If so, then you will surely bring a more modern device and a good selection of tobaccos.

Smoking legislation

Because of preparations for the 2020 Olympics, legislation on smoking has become much tougher. You can smoke on the street, and everywhere, if there is no special zone. For example, in the area of educational institutions this is prohibited. But even in such areas there are smoking areas.

Despite the fact that, according to statistics, only 30% of the population of Japan smoke, all amenities are made so that a person can enjoy nicotine. Almost all office buildings are equipped with similar areas, in which vending machines for selling cigarettes and drinks are installed, there is a cooker hood and seating areas.

There is also no law on indoor smoking, which is why it is quite hazy in bars, clubs and restaurants. But this makes it possible to freely use hookahs. But it is worth noting that places where smoking is allowed will always be more expensive. In any case, the law does not prohibit smoking a hookah in Japan.

Where to smoke a hookah in Japan

Despite the underdeveloped hookah culture in Japan, there are many unusual establishments where hookah is served as an entertainment or feature. Therefore, traveling in Japan, you can always find where to smoke a hookah. Here are some interesting places:

- LUXOR, Tokyo. An institution that is decorated in the ancient Egyptian style. It serves unusual food, and, of course, Egyptian hookahs. It is worth noting that the hookah is very good, interesting tastes of tobacco are presented, some of them cannot be bought in our country. Therefore, we recommend trying a hookah here, especially since its cost is quite normal.

- Bonjibar, Tokyo. This is perhaps the most famous place serving hookah in Japan. All tourists go here. Entering the institution, you will see a small room, furnished with various objects, ethnic gizmos, hookahs and all the attributes for them. It is worth noting that you can even buy tobacco here. Ask the man to make you a hookah, and you will be surprised how smoky and tasty it turns out. Here you can also have a snack and drink interesting drinks.

Walking around Tokyo or other cities in Japan, you will not find signs of hookah institutions. But if you see an ethnic Oriental establishment, a Russian restaurant or a European club, stop by and ask for a hookah. With a high probability you will be offered it.

Where to buy hookah in Japan

Japan is famous for its huge number of stores. But to buy a hookah in Japan is an extremely difficult task, almost impossible. Often this can be done in ethnic shops or in souvenir shops. But you should know that you cannot smoke such a hookah, since it is a souvenir. Therefore, we recommend buying hookah in online stores. On the site "Hookah Bazaar" you will find a huge selection of models, components, tobacco and accessories. By the way, the Japanese themselves often travel to Vladivostok for hookahs. So order a hookah, and go to Japan to travel, visit interesting shops and enjoy architecture and culture.

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