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Hookahs in the USA: hookah culture, traditions, features


The history of the emergence of hookahs in the United States

America can be called the birthplace of tobacco. Moreover, not only cigarette or cigar, but also hookah. The most popular tobacco brand is Virginia, which grows in the USA. But hookah brands are not too developed in this country, and the culture of hookah smoking itself is not as popular as in the CIS or even in the East.

Hookahs in the United States appeared quite simply. They were brought by emigrants. The USA is a country that hosts a large number of other nations. Many emigrants were able to obtain citizenship, or at least the right to conduct their own business and work. Since the restaurant business is developing in America, everyone wants to offer something of their own.

So some immigrants began to offer hookahs to visitors in their small cafes and bars. They quickly took root in American culture, and enterprising Americans immediately realized that the hookah business is very interesting, and can bring considerable income.

Since the 2000s, specialized establishments appear. Today there are a lot of them all over America, but their number is in no way comparable with either Russia or Germany. In addition, service and attitudes towards visitors to such establishments deserve special attention.

To date, hookah smoking in the United States is quite developed, but it stands still. No new tobacco, hookahs are produced, festivals and events are extremely rare. However, if you come to the USA, smoking a hookah will not be a big problem. Many hotels offer this service, of course, for a decent fee.

Features of the culture of hookah smoking in the USA

If you go to any institution in the United States that serves hookah, probably the first thing you notice is the level of service. Unfortunately, most establishments do not have professional hookah workers in their arsenal. There are enterprises that have their own hookah, for example, the Tangiers factory. They have a good hookah, but in others you will encounter about the same problem.

First of all, it is a wrong serve and blocking. Serving a hookah to a client is a whole art, but in the USA it has not yet been comprehended. At the same time, it’s worthwhile to pay tribute, hookah workers learn and improve their skills, so probably the hookah culture in the United States will quickly change for the better.

There are also a number of features of how to prepare hookah in the USA and how to smoke it. Here are the main features of the hookah culture in the United States:

Americans largely repeat the cultural characteristics of smoking hookahs, so traditions are not too different from European ones. Therefore, it is customary to smoke a hookah both alone and in a large company.

- Hookah is treated as one of the ways to have fun and to entertain yourself during communication.

- Ways of driving a hookah are not the most literate, so there may be too much tobacco, it may be compressed in a bowl or improperly stacked. The quality of smoking suffers from this, but if you ask for tongs and you can take care of the hookah yourself, you will not be refused.

- It is customary to use one-time mouthpieces, but if you go to an authentic institution, you are unlikely to be given such luxury.

- The range of tobacco is extremely small, despite the fact that its own tobacco industry is developing. As a rule, in an institution you can smoke Alfaker, Nakhlu, Tange or Starbaz. Other brands, including Scherbetley, Darkside, are almost impossible to find.

- Each state has its own laws regarding smoking hookah. But the overwhelming majority is allowed to smoke a hookah, but the conditions must be met. For example, in California, you can smoke hookah everywhere, but it is forbidden indoors, on the veranda that faces the road, as well as in places where windows from neighboring houses overlook the hookah. And so there are practically no restrictions.

- Often in the USA there are hookahs of our own production, or Egyptian models. Even the most famous manufacturer produces Bohemian glass flasks, costing from $ 100, but outwardly they completely resemble the Egyptian classical form.

- Do not hope that in the USA you will be served a stylish hookah, the serving will be bright and beautiful. As a rule, everything is limited to the fact that the hookahman puts the device on the table and leaves. If you like hookahs, but you yourself do not understand them and do not know how to cook, you will have to smoke what you gave. No one will control the degree of bitterness, whether coal burned out and so on. But hookah workers are developing, and soon everything will be fixed.

- The culture of hookah smoking in the USA is slightly different from the European one in that here hookah is not a leisure, it is only part of it. That is, it is customary to smoke a hookah to represent the institution, the performance of a comedian or singer. Hookah as if complements the cultural program.

- Americans under the hookah can discuss both important work matters and just have a small talk. Here they are no different from Russian fans of thick smoke.

- Under the hookah in America, it is customary to drink coffee or tea, and non-alcoholic cocktails are also served. But hookah is extremely rare here with alcohol. This is likely due to the strong relaxation effect and further consequences.

These are the main features of hookah smoking in the USA. If you decide to come to this country to enjoy American-made hookahs, you will be upset. Most establishments use classic Egyptian hookah models, and the tobacco assortment leaves much to be desired. Nevertheless, smoking a hookah in America is not difficult.

Famous brands of hookahs

Despite the fact that the hookah industry in the United States is not too developed, there are manufacturers of hookahs that have become famous throughout the world. Their models are popular, in demand and very high quality. Let's look at the main brands of hookahs from the USA:

  1. The most famous hookah brand in the world from an American manufacturer. The company appeared relatively recently, but immediately managed to win the love of thick smoke fans. Stylish appearance, use of aviation aluminum, excellent assembly and quality of parts - all this speaks of Starbuzz hookahs. The company produces not only hookahs, but also tobacco, as well as accessories for hookahs.
  2. Hookahs that overshadowed everyone due to their special design. These are the first models in the world made entirely of glass, where the bulb plays the main role. They are designed to create smoky cocktails, you can add fruits, decorations and many other elements to the flask. There is a notch for the backlight, and this is the manufacturer who was able to create the mood. Almost all establishments buy hookahs from Temple, because it is important for the client not only to smoke smoke, but also to get aesthetic pleasure. And the models from this manufacturer will surely give vivid emotions.
  3. Another company producing glass and designer hookahs in the USA. In the manufacture of surgical glass is used, each part is made manually. The design of hookahs from the company Fumo does not have rubber seals, everything is connected on a ground glass. High environmental friendliness, stylish appearance and durability have made Fumo hookahs popular all over the world. But their cost is quite high.
  4. Regal Hookah. A manufacturer from the USA who uses wood elements to visualize a hookah. In particular, he makes wooden shafts, inside of which there is a high-quality metal rod. The draft is very light, stylish appearance, creating an image of unity with nature. The appearance of these American models is unusual, but, of course, attracts attention.
  5. Hookah John. A brand that is known worldwide. Its creator is John Naddour, a blogger who began talking about hookahs around the world. He creates stylish products, including bowls and flasks. All elements are handmade, so their cost is quite high. Today this brand is known all over the world, presented at world exhibitions and festivals.

These are the main American brands of hookahs. Of course, there are lesser-known manufacturers who have gained popularity in their region. As in other countries, the hookah industry in the United States is actively developing, and new companies will surely appear that will conquer the world community.

Popular US tobacco brands

Tobacco products in the United States are very developed, but this does not particularly apply to hookah tobacco. At the same time, it is from America that tobacco leaves come to production around the world. Here they produce varieties of Burley and Virginia. However, there are not many tobacco for hookah in the country. But at the same time they became popular all over the world. So, the most popular tobacco brands from the USA are:

  1. Of course, it is worth starting with the brand that has already been mentioned. This brand produces not only hookahs, but also high-quality tobacco. The type of tobacco itself is quite light, pleasant, and suitable even for beginners. But often the tobacco for Starbaz hookah is called “Khimozny” because of its bright smell. Indeed, every taste is very rich and unusual. The line is represented quite widely, you can find both classic aromas of fruits and berries, and unusual mixes. If you want to try an unusual flavor, be sure to try tobacco from this brand.
  2. It is considered one of the strongest tobaccos in the world. It is presented in several lines, and the weakest of them may seem to the beginner just hellish. However, this tobacco has become popular all over the world. It is of high quality, bright, rich, the taste lasts a long time. A light heady effect will give an unforgettable experience.
  3. A brand of tobacco from the United States, which is not very popular, but still in narrow circles is appreciated by lovers of thick smoke. It is presented in both a weak and a strong line, made from high-quality tobacco in the United States.
  4. Cloud 9. It is quite difficult to find this type of tobacco in the CIS, but those who have tried it speak flatteringly about this brand. Tobacco is produced for the domestic market, sometimes it can be found in European countries. Tastes interesting, unusual, tobacco itself of excellent quality.
  5. For a long time, this brand did not go outside the United States, but thanks to good reviews at exhibitions and festivals, it was able to gain worldwide popularity. Tobacco itself is very light, the range is quite extensive, you can pick up an interesting aroma for yourself and try new mixes. Tobacco is very simple, but memorable.
  6. Tobacco, because of which they came up with a new type of bowl - Fanel. It contains a large amount of syrup, which is the most valuable in the composition. It does not need to be squeezed, but rather, add as much as possible to the cup. Then the taste will last a long time and open brightly. There is a lot of smoke, aromas are natural, there are both classical tastes and unusual aromas, such as marmalade bears. Fumari is very popular in establishments.
  7. Social Smoke. He has become popular recently, the line of tastes is especially distinguished. Some aromas cannot be found in other manufacturers, for example, there is a combination of watermelon, lemon and amaretto almond flavor. Or a banana with the addition of caramel. All tastes are interesting and unusual.

These are the main brands of American tobacco. In fact, there are many more, but most of them do not leave the local market. Some companies send their products to the East, where the hookah culture is very developed. In any case, buying American tobacco in Russia is not difficult. In the Hookah Bazaar online store you can pick up high-quality tobacco from the USA for yourself.

US Hookah Legislation

The US authorities regularly conduct events and studies proving that smoking hookah is harmful. In fact, a program is being implemented to promote a healthy lifestyle, but the legislation is designed so that each state has its own laws regarding this issue. In addition, within the state, each city may have its own amendments, as well as in each district of the city. Therefore, before smoking a hookah, it is worth asking whether this can be done in a particular area.

The uniqueness of the law lies in the fact that hookahs and tobacco are legal in all states and can be served in institutions that have received the appropriate license. But at the same time, a number of requirements must be observed.

For example, in California, you can open a hookah, having received the appropriate permission, but you cannot smoke a hookah inside the institution, only on the terrace. She should not go on the road, but be in the backyard. In addition, the windows of the houses nearby should not overlook the courtyard of the rear terrace. Only in this case, the authorities will be allowed to open a hookah.

Therefore, often there are not so many establishments, although there are no global restrictions. In addition, you can often find institutions that simply neglect a number of laws, or are looking for loopholes. Therefore, smoking a hookah in the United States is not difficult.

Interesting facts about hookahs in the USA

We picked up a number of interesting facts about hookahs related to the United States. Here are the most interesting and bright:

- A cup like Fanel was invented in the USA and became popular all over the world.

- In the USA, ready-made mixes of tobacco and unusual tastes first appeared.

- Tobacco leaves of varieties Burley, Virginia and Oriental are grown in the United States. The climate is perfect for making quality tobacco products. Sheets are used all over the world.

- Overpack packing was invented in the USA.

- Almost all tobaccos from the USA are packed in metal cans, so they are easier to store and transport.

- You can get a license to open a hookah in the USA in just half a day.

The hookah industry in the United States is actively developing, and will certainly continue to delight the emergence of new brands of tobacco and hookahs.

Hookah-related events in the USA

Hookah events are regularly held in America, featuring various brands featuring new products. In the USA, the culture of holding festivals and various events is generally developed.

One of the world famous festivals is the Hookah Expo Worldwide. Held annually in Las Vegas. This is a huge space where world famous brands exhibit their work. This exhibition is a great way to establish oneself, find new friends and even investors.

Where to smoke a hookah in the USA

In America, there are quite a few establishments that serve hookah. Obtaining a license is not difficult, so the owners are trying to expand the range of services, including hookahs. We have identified several places where you can smoke hookah in the USA:

- Sultana Cafe in East Village, New York. Hookah of excellent quality, plays modern stylish music, a pleasant atmosphere for spending time with friends. In addition to tea and coffee, hookah can offer quality white wine. Prices are average, affordable for every tourist.

- Kazuza, East Village, New York. Good establishment and excellent service. Experienced hookah workers work, so you won’t have to complain about the service. Nearby is Tompkins Square Park, so you can additionally get to know the landmark more closely.

- Club Aziza, between 2 and 3 st, New York. Hookahs of good quality, the club has a constant cultural program, so be prepared for additional entertainment.

- Star Hookah Lounge on Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles. A fashionable place that celebrities visit, so the prices here are very high. But the pleasure is worth the money, the hookahs are prepared efficiently, the starry atmosphere will give new emotions. Most likely to meet a celebrity.

- K-town, Los Angeles. A place where you always get high-quality and inexpensive hookah, as well as an extensive selection of tobacco. Many tourists prefer this institution if they want to enjoy a hookah.

- Lounge bar at any hotel. Almost all hotels in the USA provide a hookah smoking service in their bars. Therefore, it is often possible to meet locals in such a place who are settled in the hotel, but come here to smoke a hookah.

- Russian institutions. Almost any Russian institution receives a license for smoking hookahs. If you find out that some cafe speaks Russian, you can safely go there and ask for a hookah. With a high probability you will be offered this service.

These are the most famous places where you can smoke hookah in the United States. In general, there are no problems with this in both large and small towns. It is enough to spend a little time to find an institution where you can enjoy thick smoke.

How much is a hookah in the USA

The cost of hookahs in the United States is not too different from the cost that is presented on our market. A quality hookah costs from $ 200 to $ 500, while the flask will be made of Bohemian glass, and all details will be of high quality. Khalil Mamoon hookah will cost about $ 100, Starbuzz hookah will cost about $ 185, and premium line Mattpear will cost $ 380-450.

Tobaccos are, for the most part, cheaper than in our stores. So Tangiers can be bought for $ 22, while our pack is 20-30% more expensive.

In general, the cost of hookahs in the USA is not too different from our stores. Of course, if you order American hookah directly from the United States, it may come out a little cheaper, but you do not know what will come to you and in what condition. There is no problem buying American hookah in our stores, as the USA is actively distributing its products around the world.

Where to buy hookah from the USA

You can buy a hookah from the USA directly in our store. The site "Hookah Bazaar" presents original models directly from the United States, which are known throughout the world. Pick options for yourself and add the product to the basket. WE work directly with suppliers from America, so we do not wind up prices. Choose quality products from the USA and make an order.

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